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10 Reasons Why Being a Mom is Like Competing on Survivor

CBS's Survivor used to be one of my favorite shows. I'd watch it religiously, rooting for my favorite castaways. As a child, I loved spending summers at our family's beach cabin, pretending to be stranded on a deserted island, building forts and "foraging" for food. In 2007 I even made it past a few Survivor auditions! I haven't followed the show at all lately, but last … [Read More...]

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Date Night at Hotel Ballard

We did it. My husband and I got away for a night. We left our three kiddos in the hands of Grammy and Papa and took off to Ballard! We went on a Sunday and kicked … [Read More...]

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Earth Day Activities for Seattle Families

Earth Day is coming up, and there are a few fun activities going on for all your little Earth-goers! From scavenger hunts and tree-planting to singing "Happy Birthday" to a pair of tigers, there's much to celebrate! Check out the following round-up of all … [Read More...]


Little Lotus: A New Baby Line with a Big Mission

This week I was contacted by Little Lotus -- a sweet, brand-new company with a big mission to go along with their products. What is Little Lotus? It's an innovative line of baby gear (including a swaddle, sleeping bag and blanket) that keeps infants at an … [Read More...]


Kids Get Wild at Issaquah’s Cougar Mountain Zoo

Last week my son's Pre-K class took a field trip to the Cougar Mountain Zoo. My husband and twins came along, and I'm so glad we did-- it's one more venue to add to my emergency "things-to-do-with-3-kids" list. Though we live on the Eastside, we had never … [Read More...]