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Pint Size St. Patty’s Day: Kid-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Fun Around Seattle

My 5-year-old loves St. Patrick's Day. I'm talking the up-there-on-the-list-with-Christmas-and-birthdays kind of love. From Leprechaun traps and tacky green top hats to green pancakes for breakfast , he goes gaga for the green. I even will leave gold coins (Michaels craft stores are so great!) around the house and he gets so excited when he finds them- these little treasures … [Read More...]

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Date Night at Hotel Ballard

We did it. My husband and I got away for a night. We left our three kiddos in the hands of Grammy and Papa and took off to Ballard! We went on a Sunday and kicked … [Read More...]


Homemade Glitter Slime

Today I was struck by the DIY bug. Although I'm not a big Pinterest-surfer (so many awesome crafts, so little time!), I did find a fun blog that highlighted an easy, … [Read More...]

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Jack and Jill Consignment Sale Giveaway!

Happy Monday, Moms!! Got a fabulous giveaway for you! Every mom quickly figures out just how fast their kiddos outgrow clothes, shoes, toys and accessories. I can't tell you how many cute, basically brand-new baby clothes my kiddos have grown out of even … [Read More...]