Take a Hike: Family Friendly Little Si


When the weather is decent I love getting out of the house on the weekends and hiking. My husband and I enjoy more challenging hikes when we are sans kids, but we also love taking our family of five to explore this beautiful place we call home. There is no shortage of hikes in the area but one of our favorite family-friendly hikes is Little Si. … [Read more...]

Local Mom Spotlight: Bianca, The Pierogie Mama


Happy Tuesday local moms! Indeed, it is a VERY happy Tuesday for us here at LMB - Allison is delivering her twins today!! I'm sure she'll have an exciting announcement for us all soon! We've got another fun local mom spotlight for you today. Last week we met Ashley Emmett of My Craftily Ever After. This week let's welcome Bianca and her blog, The … [Read more...]

Pregnant With Twins: T-Minus 5 Days


Hello all! I'm jumping in here again before our family becomes 5! Again, a big thanks to Megan for keeping the Seattle LMB going while I prepare (and rest) for twins, and for all of you Local Mom Spotlights and guest bloggers... and readers! I will be giving you all an update after my C-Section (Feb 11), and plan to incorporate "life with twins" … [Read more...]

Local Mom Spotlight: Ashley Emmett

ashley photo

Happy Tuesday local moms! How 'bout them Hawks?! Woohoo! We are back today with another fabulous Local Mom Spotlight. Last week we met Adelina Starace, etsy shop owner and blogger at STARACE 1919 and Little La-La. Today let's say hello to Ashley Emmett, mom of 3 and blogger at My Craftily Ever After. Megan Thomas: Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for … [Read more...]

Local Mom Spotlight: Adelina Starace


It's Tuesday which means it's time for another Local Mom Spotlight! In our last spotlight we met Theresa Keith, local mom and owner of Hennie McPennie Children's Shoes and Toys in Mercer Island (be sure to enter the giveaway for a pair of shoes from her shop if you haven't already!) Today let's say hello to Adelina Starace, SAHM to 3 and owner of 2 … [Read more...]

Local Mom Spotlight: Hennie McPennie PLUS *Giveaway*


Happy Friday, local moms! Today we've got a special Local Mom Spotlight to share with you. In our last spotlight we met Melissa Rohr, stay-at-home mom extraordinaire and blogger at While it Rains. Today, let's say hello to Theresa Keith, local mom and owner of Hennie McPennie Children's Shoes and Toys in Mercer Island. Megan Thomas: Hi Theresa! … [Read more...]

Get Clutter-Free with CrateAway: Storage Made Simple


De-cluttering and organizing has long since been a Top Ten for New Years' resolutions. Many of us have closets to tackle, dressers to go through, junk to get rid of...and let's not forget about all of the toys, gear, books, blankets, knick-knacks, and just stuff that seems to accumulate out of nowhere once you have kids. What you need is a plan … [Read more...]

Seattle Sights Weekend Itinerary


"Looking forward to your visit!  What would you like to do while you're here?" [silence]  "uh.....I'll leave that up to you since you know more about the city than we do." "So, there's nothing in particular you want to see?" [long pause]  "You know what's best!"   Been there? We have only lived in Seattle for six short months, but have … [Read more...]

34.5 weeks pregnant with TWINS. It’s all downhill from here….right?

34 weeks

So I'm typing this from one of the only two positions I can manage to sit in now (more like awkwardly lean/perch in, surrounded by pillows and usually my 4-year-old son, Golden Retriever and cat-- because lately it seems like every living thing in my household considers me an unusual but wonderfully large and warm sort of body pillow. Much … [Read more...]